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Butterton: A Thankful Village

Butterton in World War 1

It has been known for a long time that all Butterton's men who went to war in WW I returned safely, hence the term Thankful Village. However, Butterton was not on Wikipedia's list of Thankful Villages but as from October 2013 we were included and we also happen to be the only Thankful Village in Staffordshire.  See here.
Please also look at this  website- www.hellfirecorner.co.uk to see the Butterton entry or click here to see further information on Thankful Villages. 

There is a photograph in the Church of the men from Butterton who joined H.M Forces.  They are:
R.Salt,  S.Salt,  J.Salt (father of John James Salt, unable to attends on the day photo was taken),  A.Poyser,  C(harles).Birch,  W.Henshall,  P(ercy).Denham,  T.Wheeldon, R.Millward,  W.Millward,  J.Millward,  J.Goldstraw,  C(yril) E .Crump,  J.T Titterton  and R(alph) Mellor. The 3 Millwards were brothers Ralph, James and William. If anyone knows anything about any of these men, please contact Maggie Risby.

In particular we would love to hear from you if you are a descendant of any of these men.


Butterton in World War 2

There is a possibility that Butterton could be a 'Doubly Thankful Village'.  In order to become a 'Doubly Thankful Village' we have to prove that all the men from Butterton who went to war in World War 2 also survived.  A list is currently being compiled of all WW II soldiers from the village.
If anyone has any information regarding WW II Butterton service personnel, please contact Maggie on 01538 304115. The list to date is….Eddie Mollatt, Derrick Grindey, Kenneth Hambleton, Billy Bagshaw, Edgar Gibbs, Charlie Salt, Cliff Salt, Bernard Salt, Geoff Salt, Gordon Riley, Keeling Stubbs, Bill Sutton, Cyril Millward and Sidney Charles Wood.

Additionally, if you know of anyone, or have a family member, associated with Butterton who was engaged in WW II please contact Maggie Risby.

Badapple Theatre Production of The Thankful Village.

The Badapple Theatre Group visited the village on the 22nd April 2016.  A large audience was treated to a fantastic performance in the Village Hall. 

Some very slick on-stage costume and scene changes had the 3 performers playing the parts of Lady of the House/Commissioned Officer, downstairs parlour maids/soldiers and front line nurse. Scenery and lighting technician was John Bramley. The songs were written by Jez Lowe and sung by the 3 actors in perfect harmony. The play itself was written by Kate Bramley. The scenes depicted life at home and on the Front Line in WW1. A very moving ending caught a lot of us unawares...... 

Butterton was the first Thankful Village to host this production on the tour.

A Raffle and Donations raised £104 for the History Group.

Butterton Men of World War 1  (Original photograph in St Bartholomew's Church, Butterton)

Butterton Men of World War 1 (Original photograph in St Bartholomew's Church, Butterton)

Butterton Men of World War 2

Butterton Men of World War 2

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