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Butterton: A Doubly Thankful Village

Butterton in World War 1

It has been known for a long time that all Butterton's men who went to war in WW I returned safely, hence the term Thankful Village. However, Butterton was not on Wikipedia's list of Thankful Villages but as from October 2013 we were included and we also happen to be the only Thankful Village in Staffordshire.  See here.
Please also look at this  website- www.hellfirecorner.co.uk to see the Butterton entry or click here to see further information on Thankful Villages. 

There is a photograph in the Church of the men from Butterton who joined H.M Forces.  They are:
R.Salt,  S.Salt,  J.Salt (father of John James Salt, unable to attends on the day photo was taken),  A.Poyser,  C(harles).Birch,  W.Henshall,  P(ercy).Denham,  T.Wheeldon, R.Millward,  W.Millward,  J.Millward,  J.Goldstraw,  C(yril) E .Crump,  J.T Titterton  and R(alph) Mellor. The 3 Millwards were brothers Ralph, James and William. If anyone knows anything about any of these men, please contact Maggie Risby.

In particular we would love to hear from you if you are a descendant of any of these men.


Butterton in World War 2

There is a possibility that Butterton could be a 'Doubly Thankful Village'.  In order to become a 'Doubly Thankful Village' we have to prove that all the men from Butterton who went to war in World War 2 also survived.  A list is currently being compiled of all WW II soldiers from the village.
If anyone has any information regarding WW II Butterton service personnel, please contact Maggie on 01538 304115. The list to date is….Eddie Mollatt, Derrick Grindey, Kenneth Hambleton, Billy Bagshaw, Edgar Gibbs, Charlie Salt, Cliff Salt, Bernard Salt, Geoff Salt, Gordon Riley, Keeling Stubbs, Bill Sutton, Cyril Millward and Sidney Charles Wood.

Additionally, if you know of anyone, or have a family member, associated with Butterton who was engaged in WW II please contact Maggie Risby.

Thankful Service- 2nd November, 2014

The journey to recognised Thankful status began in October 2013.

A Thankful village is easily recognised by the lack of a war memorial which in turn denotes no loss of life from within the community in World War 1.

It was recognised as far back as 2004 that fortunately Butterton suffered no losses during either of the 2 world wars and thanks to the hard work and persistence of Butterton Women’s Institute under the umbrella of Butterton’s Steering Group and supported by the local British Legion, we have the Remembrance poppy set into the wall at the entrance to the church. Great sacrifices have been made and continue to be made in defence of freedom and this memorial reflects that.

Research showed Butterton was not mentioned on the Thankful Village list on the Wikipedia internet page. Also it was noticed that actually Staffordshire had no Thankful villages at all and still doesn’t have any.

Further research on the internet resulted in the discovery of a website called Hellfire Corner, which is run by 3 Great War enthusiasts. Enquiries were made and within a few days Norman, Rod and Tom declared they thought we had a good claim to Thankfulness according to the criteria they measured against. Tom visited Butterton in order to ask a few more questions and to view the photo presented by the Peace Committee in 1919 of our 15 men who all went to War and returned safely.

By the end of October we received the good news. It was official! The Wikipedia entry was altered and we were now the 54th village on the list of Thankful villages. In 2014 the Butterton History Group held an event commemorating these men. Descendants of 11 of the men have been traced and were invited to the event as Guests of honour. Bio records have been compiled for all 15 men. Some interesting statistics revealed that the 3 Millward men were brothers, 9/15 were baptised in this church, 9 attended Butterton school, 2 were married here and 4 are buried in the churchyard. ***At this point, having met and talked to some of the relatives, that although these 15 brave men returned safely they brought back with them memories and injuries which sadly had an immense impact on their later lives……….

In August 2014 Butterton claimed Doubly Thankful status having carried out research to prove all our men and women returned safely from WW11, but sadly there is no recognised authority to deal with our claim and we have to wait. Unofficially we are 17th on the list of Doubly Thankful villages.

However, the journey most certainly continues…………………

August, 2018.

Four years have passed and much has happened……

There is still no official authorisation as regards Doubly Thankful status but we have researched long and hard and are totally satisfied we have earned the status of a Doubly Thankful Village.

November 11th 2018: Day of Celebration

To date two planning meetings have taken place. Representatives from Village Organisations are coming together to plan a Day of Celebration on 11th November.

Under the umbrella of the nationwide 'Battle's Over' Celebrations, Butterton is amongst other things, joining in a Beacon and Bells Event to mark the end of the Centenary Celebrations of WW1. As you know, all our men who served in WW1 came home. This makes us a Thankful Village. (One of our six church bells is a Thankful Bell, donated by the Keltek Trust.) Similarly, all our serving personnel survived WW11 which makes us a Doubly Thankful Village, the only one in Staffordshire.

On 11th November the celebrations begin with the unveiling of a Doubly Thankful Village sign, kindly sponsored by the Parish Council. BBC Radio Stoke will be transmitting our Remembrance Service Live and this will be attended by the Waterhouses Branch of the Royal British Legion. Everyone who attends this service is then invited to go to the Village Hall where there will be refreshments served by the RBL Ladies. Back to the Church and there is to be a three hour full peal of bells, more refreshments and a display of WW1 and WW11 personnel bio files. At 6.30pm everyone assembles at the Village Hall for the lighting of a Beacon at 7pm, followed by a Pie and Pea Supper. Tickets on sale at £6 from any Bhg Committee member. If you prefer the vegetarian option, please mention this when you buy your ticket. Bring your own drinks. After supper the winning ticket will be drawn for the £500 Bells Draw. A grant of £435 has been given by SMDC towards expenses on the day.

£500 Draw tickets still available. One prize only and the lucky prizewinner will receive £500. Winning ticket to be drawn at the Pie and Pea Supper on 11th November. Tickets available from Sisa Bartley, Melanie Hodgkinson and Barbara Woodward.

The next planning meeting will be on Tuesday 4th September at 7.30pm at the Village Hall. Anyone who is interested is very welcome to attend. Please contact Maggie Risby- 01538 304115 or email maggie.risby@btopenworld.com for more details.


Butterton Men of World War 1  (Original photograph in St Bartholomew's Church, Butterton)

Butterton Men of World War 1 (Original photograph in St Bartholomew's Church, Butterton)

Butterton Men of World War 2

Butterton Men of World War 2

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